Truck Suspension Repair Services in Sacramento, CA & Surrounding Areas

S.E.R. Fleet Services in Sacramento, California, understands how vital a well-maintained suspension system is to the performance of your fleet trucks. That’s why we provide exceptional on-site suspension repair services for light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks.

Diesel mechanic performing suspension repair services on semi truck in Sacramento, CA

How Leaf and Air Spring Suspension Work

To understand the importance of suspension repair services, it's essential to know how different suspension systems work. Leaf spring and air suspensions are the two most common types of suspension systems used in commercial trucks today. Leaf spring suspensions consist of several layers of metal springs bound together, while air suspensions use airbags that are inflated and deflated to absorb shocks. These two systems work in different ways, but both require regular maintenance to ensure they're functioning correctly.

Signs of Suspension Wear

Signs of suspension wear can include bouncing, shaking, or a rough ride while driving. Worn suspension components can also cause uneven tire wear and alignment issues, leading to decreased fuel economy and safety concerns on the road. Identifying the signs of suspension wear is crucial to maintaining the longevity and safety of your fleet vehicles.

What We Offer

At S.E.R. Fleet Services, we offer comprehensive on-site suspension repair services that include diagnosing and repairing leaf springs, air springs, brake drums, brake shoes, slack adjusters, and much more. When you walk through our doors, we’ll consult with you to understand what your vehicle’s needs are and what kind of setup you’re rocking. We use high-quality OEM and aftermarket parts to ensure your suspension system is operating at its best, and we'll work with you to get the trucks on your fleet back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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At S.E.R. Fleet Services, we take pride in providing reliable and affordable on-site suspension repair services for our clients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and keep your fleet vehicles operating smoothly on the road.

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